Energetic Biofeedback

What is Energetic Biofeedback?​

Energetic frequency refers to the vibrational rate or oscillation of energy. Everything in the universe, including physical objects, living beings, and even thoughts and emotions, emits energy and has a specific frequency at which it vibrates. This energy can be described in terms of its frequency, which is measured in hertz (HZ) or cycles per second.
When your energetic frequency is in harmony or aligned, it supports optimal health, mental clarity and emotional well-being. Conversely, when your energetic frequency is imbalanced or disrupted, it may lead to physical, mental, or emotional disharmony and may contribute to Dis-ease.
Different frequencies correspond to different states of being or qualities. Higher frequencies are often associated with positive emotions (Love, joy, and spiritual awareness) while lower frequencies are often associated with negative emotions (fear, stress or dis-ease.) For example, When someone says “I didn’t get a good vibe from him/her.” (We’ve all said that!)…..What does that mean? Where did that “VibeRation” come from if you have not met that person before? It’s from the energy they are giving off (not seen) that can be felt. Now, with advanced biofeedback, it can be measured.
The idea is that by using biofeedback to measure & balance energetic frequencies, we can positively influence our overall well-being and create a greater sense of harmony and vitality in our lives. This is what true early prevention looks, sounds & feels like!